NBA Live 19 Info, Screenshots, & Preliminary Features List

NBA Live 19: Squad

With the trailer giving us our first glimpse of NBA Live 19 in action, we also have some initial details about the game. The official website has posted several informative articles, and media outlets such as SBNation and The Undefeated are also providing an insight into what’s new.

There’s a lot to digest from the articles, and I encourage you to read them in full, but I’ll summarise them as best I can. This year, we’ll be able to build a squad of current and former NBA players, while competing for rank and rewards. The One has been revamped with a new progression system, with Icon abilities based on real players past and present. This works independently of the Playstyles, Traits, and so forth, which are still in effect. A new story has also been implemented this year.

On top of that, The One has gone global in NBA Live 19, with The Streets World Tour. This involves playing on courts from around the world, and recruiting players for your squad. A new narrative system has been added to The League, for those who prefer the NBA side of things. There are also more hairstyles, tattoos, and other player creation elements.

Gameplay has also been a focus this year. Real Player Motion technology has been implemented to improve player movement and animations. This includes a lot of signature player animations compared to recent years. Right stick dribbling remains, but has been enhanced. There are new triple-threat moves, and one-on-one play has been improved at both ends, including playing off-ball. New AI also focuses on bringing more realism and dynamic play to NBA Live 19.

Finally, there will be a demo again this year. We’ll be able to download it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 24th, ahead of the September 7th release.

The official NBA Live website has also provided us with a handful of screenshots, and a preliminary features list. Be sure to check them out below. What are your thoughts on what we’ve learned about NBA Live 19 so far? Have your say in the comments section below, and join in the discussion taking place in the newly opened NBA Live 19 section of the NLSC Forum!

Preliminary Features List


No two experiences are ever the same in NBA LIVE 19, as it’s both a reactive and narrative game. Make choices on-and-off the court and trigger developing gameplay scenarios tailored to your decisions.


With our next-level animation system, feel and see the fluidity of realistic basketball with enhanced gameplay that rocks rims like nothing else.


Discover hours and hours of unique commentary and monthly updates throughout the season, keeping each game fresh and exciting.


The action doesn’t end after the whistle. Now, you can interact with the bench, crowd, and environment, immersing you in the game like never before.


Your best in-game moments are now captured from every game and featured throughout your career. Share your highlights easily across social media channels and become an icon on, and off, the court.

First NBA Live 19 Screenshots

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June 10, 2018 7:22 am

Did I only see female street ball players?