NBA Live 19 Patch 1.05 Released; Additional Fixes

Joel Embiid dunks the basketball in NBA Live 19

It seems the NBA Live development team aren’t messing around when it comes to title updates this year! Less than 24 hours after the release of Patch 1.04, Patch 1.05 is now available. It should come through automatically as long as your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is connected to the Internet. If it doesn’t, try restarting your console, or checking for the update manually.

A full list of patch notes has been posted over on the official NBA Live Reddit. The latest update includes some further gameplay fixes and tuning, adds more stat tracking to the online leaderboards, and fixes an issue with edited rosters within Franchise mode.

Please see below for the full patch notes. You can also find an update history for NBA Live 19 here in our Wiki. As always, feel free to share your impressions in the comments section, as well as join in the discussion here in the NLSC Forum.

NBA Live 19 Patch 1.05 Notes

Gameplay Updates

  • Fixed issue related to rebound and inadvertent Lob pass
  • Fixed retail crash related to Front End Animation preview
  • Fixed issue with Stats coming out of League SuperSim. Addresses stalled AI at end of quarter/game
  • Tuned defensive shot impact on contest
  • Slight adjustments to shot penalties for inside shots
  • Fixed a data issue with stepback selection. Addresses issue that could cause the AI to stall
  • Fixed Steph Curry Icon Ability Choice 3
  • Fixed AI decision making with hand-offs·

Online Updates

  • Leaderboards: We are adding offensive and defensive stat tracking to the Live Run leaderboard.
  • Added ability for live events to locked and shown as upcoming events with a timer.

Stability Updates

  • Fixed an issue with Edited Rosters within Franchise
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