Details on the September 26th Update for NBA Live 19

NBA Live 19 September 26th Update

As evident from both of last week’s title updates, the NBA Live 19 development team is committed to pushing through new content and fixes on a regular basis. To that end, a new update has come through, and is available to download now.

Although EA are calling it a title update, the latest update does come through in-game, and NBA Live 19’s update history is still at version 1.05. The new update does contain bug fixes though, addressing issues with records in Head 2 Head, create-a-player clothing, gear conflicts, and NBA combine ratings.

The latest transactions are also included in the update, along with shoe and gear updates, WNBA ratings updates, and jersey number corrections. Anklebreakers and shooting Traits have also been tuned. Check out the full changelog below, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section, and join in the discussion here in our NBA Live 19 Forum.

NBA Live 19 September 26th Update Details

Bug Fixes

  • Teams appearing with incorrect records/standings (online H2H) are now fixed
  • Home/Away jersey color sorting – only white and grey tops will appear on the home side
  • Various create-a-player clothing item sorting issues fixed
  • New brands added to create-a-player sorting option
  • Gears conflicts added: cannot equip long socks with calf pads, jeans, or joggers; cannot equip joggers or jeans with ankle braces
  • NBA Combine game ratings fixed – now reflecting tip-off ratings


  • Dwyane Wade (MIA), DeAnthony Melton (PHO), Thomas Welsh (DEN) added to their respective teams after recent transactions
  • Emeka Okafor (FA) and Brandon McCoy (FA) added to Free Agent pool after being waived
  • Thomas Robinson (ATL), Damion Lee (GSW), and Shaquille Harrison (PHO) added to the game

Player Likeness

  • WNBA ratings updates (boosts to top playoff performers)
  • Multiple NBA players saw their jersey numbers changed to reflect recent transactions and changes
  • Shoes and gear have been updated for a number of players

Gameplay Tuning

  • Gameplay tuning for stepback/one-on-one Anklebreakers
  • Gameplay tuning for various shooting Traits
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