NBA Live 2003 Retrospective by Live 01 Legends (Part 1)

NBA Live 2003 Retrospective by Live 01 Legends (Part 1)

Since it was released a little over twenty years ago, I’ve had mixed feelings about NBA Live 2003. It’s a landmark title due to the introduction of Freestyle Control, but its fast pace, arcade-leaning gameplay, and Courtside Comedy Cutscenes, have divided many basketball gamers. I’ve come to appreciate it more in recent years however, and to that point, I’m delighted to share an NBA Live 2003 retrospective by Nate of the Live 01 Legends!

In Part 1 of this documentary/retrospective, Nate discusses the need for the series to innovate following NBA Live 2002, and how that goal was achieved with the revolution of Freestyle Control. He compares the mechanic to NBA 2K’s Isomotion, and eventual adoption of right stick dribbling controls. It’s a well put together breakdown of what turned out to be a very significant game, and I’m honoured that Dee and I are featured by way of our commentary from the NLSC Podcast! Watch it below, or check it out here on YouTube.

As noted, a Part 2 of this retrospective is in the works, so stay tuned for that! I also encourage you to subscribe to the Live 01 Legends YouTube channel, and check out Nate and Roger’s other basketball gaming videos. You can also listen to our chat with Nate and Roger on the NLSC Podcast here. Finally, I also posted my own NBA Live 2003 retrospective as part of our 25th Anniversary of NBA Live celebrations a few years back, which you can read here.

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