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Snippet on NBA Live’s Focus Moving Forward (Game Informer)

James Harden stirring in NBA Live 18

On the heels of the EA Play teaser for NBA Live 19, a Game Informer article has provided us with a few snippets about the future of the series. They recently spoke with Seann Graddy, former Senior Producer for Madden and now Executive Producer of NBA Live, as well as his replacement on the Madden team, Carlos Guerrero, and gleaned some information about the direction of both series.

The article confirms that NBA Live still isn’t using the Frostbite engine, but will be sharing other technology with the Madden series. In terms of the areas of focus, gameplay is being touted as a priority, which is certainly encouraging news. It’s also worth noting that despite both franchises focusing on specific experiences, namely The One in NBA Live 18 and online multiplayer in Madden 18, fans of other modes reportedly will not be left out in the cold by this year’s games. This is potentially good news for those of us who’d like to see more features added to modes such as Franchise and Ultimate Team.

We’ll be discussing the article, as well as other news stories from the past week, in Episode #250 of the NLSC Podcast. In the meantime, feel free to have your say in the comments section below.

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