NBA Street Vol. 2 Legendary Edition Mod Released

NBA Street Vol. 2 Legendary Edition Mod

Some of you may recall the updates for the GameCube version of NBA Street Vol. 2 that were released some years back. Building upon those modding projects, agent_michael_scarn has just released a new update for the game titled “NBA Street Vol. 2 Legendary Edition”.

The mod is definitely worthy of Barney Stinson’s favourite catchphrase, as this comprehensive update for a beloved classic is indeed legen…wait for it…dary! It features 2020 season rosters updated as of the NBA Bubble restart, along with legendary players for each squad. All team logos and jerseys have also been updated for the current season, and player ratings are based on NBA 2K20 attributes wherever possible. A few elements from the older mods also remain.

You can pick up NBA Street Vol. 2 Legendary Edition here in our Downloads database! For more information on how to install it, as well as previews, further support, or if you just want to say thanks, check out this topic in the Forum. You can also go back and check out some of the older updates by JaoSming, johnz1, and Mazzochi, which can be found in the Other Basketball Games section of our Downloads database. Check out a complete roster listing for the mod here.

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