NBA2K5 for NBA 2K20 by RMJH4 Now Available

NBA2K5 for NBA 2K20 by RMJH4

A new retro roster mod is now available for NBA 2K20 PC! With the help of several contributors, RMJH4 has released a 2005 season roster, with the project being aptly titled NBA2K5. Further work is still being done on the rosters, but they are now ready to play with.

You can find NBA2K5 in 2K Share under the name “2004-05 In Progress”, shared by RMJH4. You can also find compatible MyLEAGUE settings, shared under the name “2004-05 Settings”. To download all of the required art files, as well as optional add-ons, visit this topic in the Forum. If you run into any issues or have any feedback on the mod, feel free to post in that topic.

If you’d like to continue beyond the 2005 season in MyLEAGUE, RMJH4 has advised using Thunder Shaq’s Draft Classes, as they are fully compatible with the project. Be sure to check it out, and congratulations to RMJH4 and everyone involved for making the project happen! These retro roster mods are a huge undertaking, and it’s always great to see them come together. RMJH4 has also previously released 2001 and 2002 season rosters for NBA 2K20 PC, so be sure to check them out as well for more retro goodness!

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