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NBA Live 08 Community Day

Welcome to our coverage of the NBA Live 08 Community Day! This year’s event was held in New York City, New York and coincided with the 2007 NBA Draft. Below you will find reports and hands-on impressions from the event, during which the Xbox 360 version of NBA Live 08 was on display.

Although the Current Gen version of the game was not on display at the event, I did ask some questions as to which features will be included in the PC version. I’ll post that information as soon as it arrives in my inbox.


A run-down of NBA Live 08’s gameplay with hands-on impressions and commentary on aspects such as Quick Strike Ballhandling, Own The Paint, Hot Spots, Go To Moves and more.

Dynasty Mode

Hands-on impressions of NBA Live 08’s Dynasty Mode and commentary on aspects such as enhanced trade interface, trade logic, free agent negotiations and more.

Draft & Activities

Shopping at the NBA Store, going to the 2007 NBA Draft, visiting Madison Square Garden and more.