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NBA Live 09 Community Day

Welcome to our coverage of the NBA Live 09 Community Day! This year’s event was held at EA Sports’ studios in Burnaby, BC from June 25th-27th, 2008. For those unfamiliar with community events, it is an opportunity to road test the game while it is still in development, providing feedback to the production team and sharing our impressions with our respective communities.

Please note that the Xbox 360 version was the only platform on display at the event.


NBA Live 09 Gameplay Report, covering new features including Pick & Roll Control, Quick Strike Ankle Breakers and Lockdown Defense as well impressions of how the game plays.

Dynasty Mode

Hands-on impressions of NBA Live 09’s Dynasty Mode and commentary on aspects such as simulated stats, the revamped Draft and free agent negotiation phase and more.

NBA Live 365

The new ground-breaking feature in NBA Live 09.

NBA Academy

Information about the NBA Academy, new in NBA Live 09.

Be a Pro

A run-down of NBA Live 09’s Be a Pro Mode.

Instant Replay

Impressions of the new features offered in Instant Replay.


A complete listing of the FIBA teams in NBA Live 09, along with their overall ratings.

The Future of PC

A quick note about the future of the PC version.

Graphics & Presentation

Impressions of NBA Live 09’s graphics and a run-down of the presentation.

Odds & Ends

Tidbits that didn’t fit into any of the other reports.

The Event

Thoughts on the NBA Live 09 Community Event and thanks.