NBA Live 06 Codes

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The following is a list of codes for NBA Live 06. Enter these codes at the NBA Codes screen.


Unlockable Code
Boston Celtics Alternate 193KSHU88J
Cleveland Cavaliers Alternate 9922NVDKVT
Denver Nuggets Alternate XWETJK72FC
Detroit Pistons Alternate JANTWIKBS6
Indiana Pacers Home SDF786WSHW
Indiana Pacers Away PSDF90PPJN
East All-Stars Home 234SDFGHMO
East All-Stars Away XCVB5387EQ
West All-Stars Home 2J9UWABNP1
West All-Stars Away 39N56B679J
Adidas A3 Garnett 3 DRI239CZ49
Adidas T-Mac 5 (White) HGS83KP234P
Adidas T-Mac 5 (Black) 258SHQW95B
Adidas S.Carter 3 JZ3SCARTVY