NBA Live 2002 FAQs

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The following is a list of frequently asked questions about NBA Live 2002. If you would like to ask a question to be added to this list, please use the Discussion page.


Is there a PC version of NBA Live 2002?

No. NBA Live 2002 was a console only release.

A supposed PC version was circulated on peer-to-peer networks several years ago, however it was nothing more than a pirated version of NBA Live 2001 which included a roster update and various other community-made patches.

Why was NBA Live 2002 only released for the consoles?

An official reason was never given but the consensus is that time constraints and increased competition in the console market led to the cancellation of the PC version of NBA Live 2002. When NBA Live 09 was announced as a console only release in 2008 EA Sports cited "serious business challenges" as the reason but did not elaborate further on what those challenges were. However, it is likely that the circumstances for both NBA Live 2002 and NBA Live 09 being console-only releases are similar. To date, NBA Live 08 is the last game in the series to be made for the PC.