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The following is a list of frequently asked questions about NBA Live 2003. If you would like to ask a question to be added to this list, please use the Discussion page.


The numbers do not appear on the jerseys/jerseys and other graphics are displayed incorrectly. What's the problem?

This problem is related to your video card. Your video card may not be supported by NBA Live 2003. If you are certain that your video card's chipset is supported by NBA Live 2003, try downloading the latest drivers for your video card. You can generally find these on your video card manufacturer's website.

I am experiencing extremely low framerates in Windows 98, and turning down detail does nothing. How do I fix this?

Are you using a USB device (includes joysticks, gamepads and mice)? If so, there is a bug with using USB devices under Windows 98. Download the official bug fix patch from the official website. If you are not using a USB device, then your PC may not meet the minimum requirements. Also try disabling programs such as anti-virus software while playing the game.

How do I download the official bug fix patch?

You can download the official patch via EA's FTP here. Please note that the official patch does not address any gameplay issues.

I installed the patch, but I'm still having problems, help!

Some people still experience problems even after installing the official patch, the reason for which is unknown. Perhaps EA's technical support might be able to shed some light on the matter.

How do I enable CustomArt and how do I use it?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Locate xstartup.cfg in the main\cscripts folder within the main NBA Live 2003 folder. By default, the path will be C:\Program Files\EA Sports\NBA Live 2003\main\cscripts
  2. Open xstartup.cfg using Notepad.
  3. Locate the line customart 0
  4. Change this to read customart 1
  5. Save the changes, close the file

Please note that in Windows Vista onwards, protection on the Program Files folder may prevent you from editing the file. An easy fix is to move the xstartup.cfg file to another folder (or your desktop), make the necessary changes, and then move it back to the cscripts folder.

I've installed a patch, but I want to get rid of it. How do I do that?

In most cases, you can just delete the appropriate folder under the "render" folder. If you want to delete all CustomArt but are unsure of which files to delete, simply disable [CustomArt by editing xstartup.cfg. If you are using a patch that has overwritten original game files, you can copy these from the CD (but make sure you remove the write protect on the copied files). If you are still having problems, get in touch with the person who created the patch.

Will patches/updates for the PC version work with the console versions?

Sorry, no.

How do you commit an intentional foul?

Tap the Playcalling button on defense. If you're feeling particularly nasty, you can also run into other players using turbo, but this is usually less effective - more often than not, you'll run straight past them.

How do you call timeout without going to the pause screen?

Tap the Playcalling button on offense. Note this will not automatically take you to the pause screen if you want to substitute players/change team strategy etc.

Can you use Freestyle moves without a dual analog gamepad?

Yes, but in a very limited capacity. You cannot use Freestyle while moving, and it is much more difficult to execute Freestyle moves from the triple threat position. If you're a serious gamer, you might want to invest in a new gamepad - though you can still play NBA Live 2003 without using Freestyle.

Where are my saved files stored?

In previous versions of NBA Live, the saved games, screenshots and statistics files were stored in the main folder. However, they are now stored in the My Documents folder.

  • For Windows 98 users, this is generally C:\My Documents\NBA Live 2003\saves
  • For Windows XP users, this could be C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\My Documents\NBA Live 2003\saves or C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\My Documents\NBA Live 2003\saves (Where YourUserName is your Windows XP Log-On Name)

Rosters and saved Dynasty, Season or Playoff games are stored in the saves folder. Screenshots are stored in the screenshots folder and player statistic files are stored in playerstats. Additionally, your settings and controller configs are stored in their own folders here.

Can I add my own custom teams to NBA Live 2003?

Yes, but only through DBF editing. Please consult the Tutorials/Tutorials section for more information.

I'm running Windows 98, and my game slows down when I use a USB gamepad.

The official patch from EA Sports will resolve this error.