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This is a listing of slider suggestions for NBA Live 2005. If you are contributing to this list, please do not edit anyone else's lists. Feel free to copy and paste the tables codes under a new heading.

Andrew's Sliders for Realistic Stats & Gameplay[edit]

Game Settings[edit]

Option Setting
Difficulty Superstar & All-Star
Quarter 12 Minutes (should also work for 10-11, 8-9 in a pinch)
Rosters Any
Platform Any


Slider Setting
Game Speed 36
Free Throw Difficulty 65
Boundary Force Field 60
Injury Frequency 50
Fatigue Effect 50
Charge/Block Foul Frequency 55
Shooting Foul Frequency 25
Reach-in Foul Frequency 12
In-air Collision Foul Frequency 75


Slider Setting
User Steal Ability 40
User Interception Ability 34
User Shot Block Ability 0
User Dunk/Lay-up Block Ability 0
User Freestyle Effectiveness 45
User Dunk vs. Lay-up Frequency 40
User Substitution Frequency 0 (50 for Auto-Subs)
User On-ball Defense Assist 42
User Offensive Rebounding 40
User Defensive Rebounding 75
User Fakeout Discipline 100
User Short Range Shooting 50
User Medium Range Shooting 50
User Long Range Shooting 50
User Dunk Percentage 50
User Lay-up Percentage 50
User Adjusted Shot Percentage 50
User On-ball Defense 50
User Poor Release Shot Percent 50
User Double-team Effectiveness 50
User Pro Hop Effectiveness 30
User Drop Step Effectiveness 50


Slider Setting
CPU Steal Ability 34
CPU Interception Ability 10
CPU Shot Block Ability 0
CPU Dunk/Lay-up Block Ability 0
CPU Freestyle Effectiveness 40
CPU Dunk Frequency 40
CPU Substitution Frequency 50
CPU Offensive Rebounding 40
CPU Defensive Rebounding 75
CPU Fakeout Discipline 90
CPU Short Range Shooting 50
CPU Medium Range Shooting 50
CPU Long Range Shooting 50
CPU Dunk Percentage 50
CPU Lay-up Percentage 50
CPU Adjusted Shot Percentage 50
CPU Adjusted Shot Frequency 50
CPU On-ball Physical Defense 33
CPU Poor Release Shot Percent 50
CPU Double-team Effectiveness 50
CPU Pro Hop Effectiveness 50
CPU Drop Step Effectiveness 50