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2x patches or double resolution patches are NBA Live art patches which are double the normal resolution. This allows patchers to develop a more detailed art file resulting in a higher quality in-game graphics. In contrast, normal resolution art updates may be referred to as 1x patches or single resolution patches.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]

The obvious advantage of double resolution patches is the quality they produce. 2x art updates include extremely detailed and accurate face, jersey and court files enhancing the appearance of an NBA Live release. However, some games in the NBA Live series have limited support for art files that are double the normal resolution and using too many 2x patches may result in the game crashing. In NBA Live 07 and NBA Live 08 in particular, users must sometimes pick and choose which 2x patches they wish to use otherwise they will not be able to play the game without experiencing crashes.

Crash Solutions[edit]

If your game is crashing due to the use of too many double resolution patches, try replacing your updates with single resolution patches. You can also try this fix, created by Dc311.