Adding a Custom Team

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This tutorial was originally posted by David and BAYAG in the NLSC Forum.


This tutorial was written for NBA Live 07 but can be used with the following games:

The Guide

Let's say you want to create the 1987 Lakers:

  • Open up the Teams.dbf in one of your saved rosters.


  • Copy the whole line with the Lakers (team number 12)

  • Create a new entry and paste the line you copied.

  • Change the following values to these numbers

Cityname ('87 Los Angeles)
Teamnum 51 (since the last team in the dbf file is team number 50)
Teamcode 13
Seed 0
Conference 2
Division 6


This will make your team a custom team which you can only use in Play Now.

Adding players to your team

Let's add Magic Johnson to our team.

  • Open the players.dbf

  • Copy the line with Magic Johnson's player id (playerid 740)


  • Create a new entry and paste the line you copied


  • Open the appearance.dbf and search for appearid 740 and copy it.

  • Add a new record and paste Magic's APPEARID.

  • Change the APPEARID to 2383.

  • Go back to players.dbf and change his playerid to the same number (2383)

  • Keep creating players until you have at least 5 or the game will crash.

Adding the coach

  • Open the Coaches.dbf

  • Copy the line with Pat Riley add a new record then paste his info.

  • Do not change his coachid...the coachid corresponds with his speech files.

  • Go to the line that says team..and change it to our team number (which is 51)


Adding the jerseys

  • Open up the teamgear.dbf and find the jersey files.

  • For this tutorial i'm just going to use the default home /away jerseys instead of the retro 87 ones.


  • Copy the home and away jerseys and add them to the dbf

  • Change the id numbers 381 for Home and 382 for away

  • Under jerseytype make sure it's set a 0 for home and 1 for away


That's pretty much it for creating a custom team.