Adding a custom skin to NBA Live 2005

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This tutorial was originally posted by lpaSso.soR in the NLSC Forum.


This tutorial applies to the following games:

The Guide

Step 1

You must have a skin file that you'll be woking with. Skin files are located at NBA LIVE 2005\sgsm\common\xplrtex.viv. Open that file with EA Graphics Editor and extract the skin file that you want (first number is skin color).

Step 2

That skin file can be opened with nFSHTOOL by doubleclicking on skin file and choosing nFSHTOOL program to be opened with.

Step 3

Now, you'll find a folder which contains a picture named 0000.bmp. Open that picture in Photoshop or any other picture editing program and do whatever you want with it (adding tattoos and bands is recommended).

Step 4

Now, import that picture you edited using FshX and save it as, for start skin99.fsh.

Step 5

Go to My Documents\NBA LIVE 2005\saves\(Roster or Dynasty) and open appearance.dbf. Change COLOR and MUSCLETEXT fileds of player you want tattoos be added to. For example, if you assign 6 to COLOR field and 6 for the MUSCLETEXT, your previously saved skin file should be named skin66.fsh.

Step 6

Move skin file to the NBA LIVE 2005\sgsm folder. Now you have to create a reflection skin file. Open skin file again using FshX. Go to Texture>Half texture and repeat untill you get 16x16 resolution. Now, go Save>Save As and name it, for example, skin66r.fsh.

Hope this will help you.