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This tutorial was originally posted by Cable in the NLSC Forum.


This tutorial was written for NBA Live 06 but applies to the following games:

You will need to substitute the name of the game you are editing in the specified paths as necessary.

The Guide

This is a tutorial of sorts that I've written. It outlines how to add jerseys, how to edit the teamgear.dbf, and tells you where to find a tutorial on making previews because the tutorial is way better then what I could explain. Hope it helps.

Let's assume that your new jersey is Boston's '78 home jersey (I'm making this up here). The name would therefore be bostc78h. The first four letters are the team, the c is for classic, the 78 refers to the year, and the h means home. An alternate jersey uses serd instead of the c78h (you can also use ser2, ser3, ser4, etc.)

  • Select an existing jersey that has the numbers/letters (the player's name) you want your new jersey to use. You probably want numbers that are green for a classic Boston home jersey, so let's use Boston's current home jersey.

  • Find Boston's home jersey (bosthome.viv) in the 'NBA Live 06\sgsm\uniforms' folder, and copy the file to another folder, say called 'Added Jersey's'

  • Open bosthome.viv with whatever (I use BigGUI) and export all the files to the 'Added Jersey's' folder (there should be 5). Rename those 5 files and the .viv file to the new name (bostc78h).

  • The newly named bostc78h.fsh is the file that contains the actual jersey. Open it with whatever (I use FshX) and import the new jersey. If the jersey is in .png format, once you are in the correct folder, type the file name in and you can select it to import. Save the FSH and close it. You should also inport a lightmap file to the smaller grey jersey inside the .fsh as the lighting file.

  • Open the bostc78h.viv file and import the 5 renamed files. There should now be 10 files in the bostc78h.viv file. 5 should be called bosthome and 5 should be called bostc78h. Delete the 5 called bosthome. Compress and Rebuild the 5 remaining files (they should be the bostc78h files). You now have a completed jersey file for your new jersey.

  • Copy the bostc78h.viv file to the 'NBA Live 06\sgsm\uniforms' folder. As of right now, you have not affected the game in any way, and your jersey will not show up yet, so don't worry about messing up the game.

  • The next step is what most people say is the hard part, but I find it easy, as long as you know what you're doing. It's the .dbf editing. The only file you need to edit is the teamgear.dbf file. This file is in the 'My Documents\NBA Live 06\saves\my roster' folder (where 'my roster' is one of your saves). What I usually do is choose one teamgear.dbf and edit it and than copy it to my other saves after I know that there's no problem with it. I will refer to the Teamgear.dbf Editing Guide, so you should look at it: Teamgear.dbf Editing Guide.

  • You need to first Append the record in the teamgear.dbf. The easiest way in DB Commander is to hit the down arrow when the last entry is selected to add a line for your new jersey.

Put an 'F' in the deleted column
The ID that you put is just the next available number (i.e. if the last number in the .dbf was 426, than you can use 427).
The Team ID would be '1', because you made a jersey for Boston, which is Team ID 1.
The JERSEYTYPE is explained in the Teamgear.dbf Editing Guide'
same for SHORTTYPE
same for SHORTNUM
The SHPNAME is the name you gave the jersey without the four letter team code (bost), so the SHPNAME is c78h.
The year is what is displayed on the in-game jersey preview screen. I found out that you don't need to use a year here, you can put whatever you want (I made a Toronto Maple Leafs alternate jersey for the Raptors, and named it TML in the year column, and the in-game preview said TML Alternate), so put whatever you want. In this case with our Boston classic 78 home jersey, the year would be 1977-78, or 1978-79, which ever you choose.
I'm not entirely sure what ACCCOLOR does, so just put the same as an existing similarly coloured jersey (so put '3' because that's what the Boston home jersey has).
The three AUTOCOLORs are the accessory colors, the first is the primary accessory color, the second is the second, etc. (The AUTOCOLOR2 is the colour that the socks will be if you give a player team-coloured socks). Here's a Colour Chart that also explains how to get whichever colour you want.
The SHOE is what the default shoe will be for the jersey. For a list of all the shoes, check this Shoe Numbers list. You can also put '-1' and you will get a random shoe.
The SOCKCOLOR is apparently random, so don't worry about it.
The NECKTYPE is what kind of neck the jersey has. This is independant of the texture you made, the game will give the jersey the necktype you put, ignoring how you made your jersey. In the .psd file, the number beside the name of the layer is the number you need to put in the column (ex. if you used the 'round 0' set of layers, put a 0 in the column).
The NAMETYPE is whether or not the players name on the back of the jersey is arched (0=arched, 1=flat)
ISUNLOCKED is whether or not the jersey has been unlocked in the game, just put '1' there.
I don't know what ISPERF is, but put TRUE there

I would start the game, load the save that has the edited teamgear.dbf and play a game with the jersey to make sure everything is how you want. If you want different colours, just go back and change them. Once you're sure that this is what you want, copy the teamgear.dbf that you edited, and paste it in all your other saves if you want the jersey accessible in all the saves.

You're now done the .dbf editing. As of right now, you have added a jersey, but there is no preview for it. Some say this could cause your game to crash, but it hasn't happened to me yet. If you want to create a preview, I suggest you read Bassman58's tutorial. This tutorial has everything you need, there's no need for me to go over it. Just make sure that if you create a preview, use the corresponding file to the one you used for the jersey (we used the bosthome.viv file for the jersey, so use the boston home preview file as well, called jerseys~bo~bo_home.big, and found in the NBA Live/fe/jerseys.viv file).

Some tips

  • Use the Jersey Raptor to repostion numbers.
  • If you don't want numbers on the front, you can change the preview like that too, just create a 32x64 image with a transparent background, nothing else, and import it to the preview .fsh file, over the numbers.
  • Have fun and experiment! As far as we know, there is no limit to the number of jerseys you can add to the game.

Good Luck!