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adidas Live Run (also referred to as simply Live Run and stylised as adidas LIVE Run) is a gameplay mode introduced in NBA Live 10. It is an extension of Online Team Play, allowing users on up to ten different consoles to play online games. It differs from traditional Online Team Play in that users are able to select the NBA player of their choice to create custom squads and compete in games where the winner is the first team to reach 21 points.

The mode made its return in NBA Live 16, now simply branded LIVE Run.


Brotherhoods are Live Run's equivalent of Online Team Play clubs, with the name being derived from sponsor adidas' marketing slogan "Basketball is a Brotherhood". Users can form or try out for an existing Brotherhood much in the same way as creating an OTP club before competing in ranked online matches to determine the top squad in the world.


Each season of adidas Live Run play lasts for a month, with a new squad being crowned champion at the end of a month. This was done to ensure that clubs that were not started immediately after the game out had a chance to be champions, since they would not have to contend with a cumulative scoreboard.