Agent (NBA 2K15)

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Agent NBA2K15.png
Post-Draft damage control.
Role Player Agent
Family/Friends NBA 2K15 MyPLAYER
Actor Tom Christensen
Games NBA 2K15

The Agent is a character in NBA 2K15's MyCAREER mode. He is the NBA 2K15 MyPLAYER's agent.

Background & Story[edit]

When the player character declares for the 2014 NBA Draft, he secures the services of the Agent. Unfortunately, the player goes undrafted, and lashes out at the Agent in anger. Eventually calming his client down, he explains that he will explore other avenues to the NBA, and encourages them to keep working hard. He is eager for the player to make the league, as his career also depends on their success.

Late in the season, he manages to drum up interest with a handful of NBA teams looking to sign a player to a ten day contract, finally tipping off the player's NBA career.