All-Star Game

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The All-Star Game

The NBA All-Star Game has been represented in each instalment of NBA Live and was first implemented as part of Season play in NBA Live 96. With the addition of All-Star Weekend in NBA Live 2005, the NBA All-Star Game was enhanced with the ability to throw self alley-oops and enhanced presentation. However, when the All-Star teams are used in the regular Play Now Mode or during Season or Dynasty Mode, the self alley-oop feature is not available.

The arena, court design and jerseys used for the All-Star game reflect the season represented by the game eg. the site of the 2007 All-Star Weekend, the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, is used in NBA Live 07. Only a couple of games have not featured the correct designs, specifically the console version of NBA Live 95, NBA Live 97 and NBA Live 99 (though the Philadelphia All-Star court in NBA Live 99 would have been correct if not for the cancellation of the 1999 All-Star Weekend due to the lockout). Additionally, NBA Live 2000 did not feature the All-Star teams in Play Now Mode due to the cancellation of the event the previous year, though they were featured in Franchise Mode.