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The NBA All-Star Weekend was introduced as a gameplay mode in NBA Live 2005. It is available to play as an exhibition mode and is included in the schedule in Season and Dynasty Mode. All-Star Weekend saw the return of the widely popular Three Point Shootout as well as the long awaited debut of the Slam Dunk Contest in the NBA Live series.


The following modes are available in All-Star Weekend:

Removal in NBA Live 10[edit]

NBA Live 10 marks the first game since NBA Live 2005 not to include the All-Star Weekend (with the exception of the Xbox 360 version of NBA Live 06). Members of the development team have explained dissatisfaction in the mode as the reason for its removal, with an eye to bringing it back at some point in a future game. The decision to remove All-Star Weekend was mostly met with criticism from NBA Live players and some professional critics, the general feeling that it removed depth and variety from the game.

The All-Star Game and Rookie Challenge are still playable in NBA Live 10, both in exhibition play and in Dynasty Mode.