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Be a Pro is a gameplay mode that made its debut in the NBA Live series in NBA Live 09. It is a single game, single player mode in which the user is locked to a single player and is rated on their performance. An onscreen indicator displays the user's current rating with a mostly green bar indicating a positive performance and a mostly red bar indicating a negative performance. The bar fills and empties as players perform certain actions such as making a basket, rebound, assist, steal or block with different weight being given to each action according to a player's position. Thus, big men are not penalised for not making a lot of assists while guards are not penalised if they do not block any shots.

An expanded single player mode, Become Legendary, was set to debut in NBA Elite 11. A similar mode, Rising Star, will instead debut in NBA Live 14.

Differences between versions[edit]

In the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, Be A Pro is a single game exhibition mode, a move that was criticised by fans desiring a fully fledged career mode similar to other EA Sports titles. In the PlayStation 2 version however, Be A Pro is available as both a single game exhibition mode as well as a single season mode in which the user can take control of an existing or created player and play through a season in which they are locked to the player they have selected. Throughout the season, the user is presented with different goals to achieve to earn points which can be used to enhance their player's abilities.

On the PlayStation 2 the user is unable to manually substitute the player they are locked to, unlike the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions where the user is locked to a position and may make substitutions to the entire lineup, with each player that the user controlled being displayed in the post game Be A Pro summary screen.

Similar Modes[edit]

Be a Pro was not featured in NBA Live 10. In 2010, Game Informer Magazine reported that Be a Pro would return in NBA Elite 11. This was later revealed to be the revamped Become Legendary mode, which was previewed in the game's demo. The mode never officially made its debut however, as NBA Elite 11 was ultimately cancelled shortly before its scheduled release. A similar concept, Rising Star, will debut in NBA Live 14.


The mode received a generally mixed reaction, with the biggest complaint being its limitations and the absence of a complete career mode in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. It has also been suggested that the mode is biased towards frontcourt players. The PlayStation 2 version's Be A Pro Season Mode has also been criticised for the lack of the ability to sub out the player the user is locked to, meaning the selected player usually plays the entire game.