Big Head Bug

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The big head bug is a recurring bug in the PC version of NBA Live 2005 which affected generated players in Dynasty Mode. When a specific generic face file (reportedly plyr120.fsh) is used for a generated rookie, it results in a large head that floats above the court and often impedes the user's view while playing.


The preferred method of resolving this bug is to edit the generated rookies as necessary and assign a different generic face.

  1. Make a backup of your Dynasty save in case anything goes wrong.
  2. Using DB Commander, open the players.dbf file in your Dynasty save folder
  3. Search for PLYR120 in the PLAYERPKG field.
  4. Change this value to a different face package. PLYR084 is suggested as it is similar to the faulty face.
  5. Repeat as necessary for any other players using the PLYR120 face.

Alternate Fix[edit]

Another suggested solution is to locate the troublesome player in players.dbf (search PLYR120) and ensuring that their ISPLAYABLE, ISCREATED, ISGENERATED, FACEPATCH and ISGENERATE values are all set to True.