Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball

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Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball
Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball cover.
Developer(s) Hudson Soft
Publisher(s) Hudson Soft
Platform(s) Super Nintendo
Release date(s) November 1991

Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball is a futuristic full-contact basketball video game, released in 1991 by Hudson Soft for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


Unlike in real basketball, players can physically check each other on the court without the threat of personal or team fouls. Destructive items such as bombs frequently appear on the court. The game often receives criticism for oversimplified controls (using only one button in addition to the directional pad to perform all in-game actions,) lack of injuries/destruction (like in Mutant League Hockey and Mutant League Football), and predictable AI. The game is endorsed by Bill Laimbeer, a member of the "Bad Boy" Detroit Pistons teams of the 1980s.


The game is set in the year 2030, a time in which there are only robot basketball players (excluding Bill Laimbeer who has chosen to remain fully human). Basketball teams play in gruelling league matches where new players are bought and sold. Within this future, basketball uses a dedicated robot to perform the toss up at the start of each match as referees had been fired by Bill Laimbeer sometime prior to the year 2030. As a result, players now wear armor to their games and weapons are thrown from the audience.