Bruce Pepper

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Bruce Pepper
Bruce Pepper.png
Bruce at a press conference.
Full Name Bruce Pepper
Role Agent
Family/Friends Pres
Actor Michael Masini
Games NBA 2K17

Bruce Pepper is a character in NBA 2K17's MyCAREER mode. He is Pres' agent.

Background & Biography

Bruce Pepper is Pres' agent, helping him negotiate trade and free agent opportunities, as well as endorsement deals. He will frequently check in with Pres to remind him about upcoming appearances and business meetings, and inform him about new endorsement opportunities. He'll also text messages of support and congratulations after big games, being very fond of his client.

He appears in various cutscenes, including Pres' first press conference with the team that drafted him. After a meeting later in the season, he takes a selfie with Pres and Justice.

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