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CPU Assistance is a gameplay option that was first implemented in NBA Live 95. When enabled, it allows the team that is behind to catch up so that the game remains competitive. Unlike the Comeback Code, CPU Assistance will affect both user and CPU controlled teams allowing it to come into play in both Human vs CPU and Human vs Human matchups.

Use & Criticism[edit]

Because CPU Assistance allows the trailing team to catch up (and thus evens out the playing field), it is handy for novice players who are taking on the CPU for the first time as well as Human vs Human games where one player is more skilled than the other. However, it is an option that is usually disabled by more experienced players as most feel it punishes good play in its attempts to keep the score close. The method CPU Assistance uses to keep games competitive is widely disliked as it boosts the abilities of the team that is trailing while causing their opponent's players to perform poorly, often to the extent of missing dunks, layups and wide open jumpshots.