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Beginning with NBA Live 96, the games in the NBA Live series have offered a range of different camera views during gameplay as well as Instant Replay. The original isometric camera angle was gradually phased out with more TV broadcast orientated angles being added. Beginning with NBA Live 2002, the default camera angle was positioned along the baseline and followed players up and down the court, rotating as necessary, intending to place the user "in" the action. The camera angle usually designated as "Press Box" tends to be a favourite amongst most NBA Live players however, and beginning with the Xbox 360/Playstation 3 version of NBA Live 08 EA Sports have focused on better replicating a television broadcast with their default camera angles.

In recent years, patchers have developed methods of editing the camera angles in the PC version. The .mgd file from certain titles in the series is interchangeable with others, allowing patchers to easily import camera angles from one game to another for the appropriate titles.