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Cee-Cee at the family home in Harlem.
Role Freq's Sister/Manager
Age 19
Family/Friends Freq
Mrs. Martha
Mr. Pete
Vic Van Lier
Yvette Ming Ching
Dom Pagnotti
Actor Michelle Mitchenor
Games NBA 2K16

Cee-Cee is a character in NBA 2K16's MyCAREER mode. She is Freq's twin sister, and eventually his business manager.

Background & Biography[edit]

Cee-Cee and Freq were born in Harlem, New York. They are the twin children of Mr. Pete and Mrs. Martha. She helps Freq develop as a basketball player while they are growing up, and has a close relationship with him. She is portrayed as being caring and supportive, but also headstrong and unafraid of confrontation. Vic is shown to have had romantic feelings for her in the past, but it is implied that it is not mutual, and their relationship becomes strained due to the trouble he causes.

Livin' Da Dream[edit]

Cee-Cee's close bond with her twin brother continues into his professional career, as she becomes his business manager. She clashes with Freq's girlfriend Yvette, whom she jealously resents, and accuses her of only dating Freq for his money. They later bury the hatchet and form a better friendship.

Concerned about Vic's influence and the distractions he is causing, she encourages Freq to keep his distance. However, despite her differences with Vic, she is ultimately affected by his passing at the end of the story, and remembers him fondly in the final scene.


  • Because Cee-Cee uses a face scan of her voice actor, Michelle Mitchenor, her appearance does not change to match Freq's. This can lead to inconsistencies with the characterisation of her and Freq being twins, or indeed siblings at all.