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The Childhood Friend is a character in NBA 2K14's MyCAREER mode. He is a friend of the NBA 2K14 MyPLAYER, and his first agent.

Childhood Friend
Childhood Friend.png
Two friends gaming.
Role Friend/Player Agent
Family/Friends NBA 2K14 MyPLAYER
Rivals Jackson Ellis
Uber Agent
Actor Chris Marsol
Games NBA 2K14

Background & Biography[edit]

He is a long-time friend of the protagonist in NBA 2K14's MyCAREER mode, and serves as his first agent. He is successful in securing the player a chance to compete in the Rookie Showcase, giving him an opportunity to impress NBA scouts. He is well aware of the player's long-standing rivalry with Jackson Ellis.


As the story opens, the Childhood Friend is able to secure the NBA 2K14 MyPLAYER a spot at the Rookie Showcase, in a bid to help them make the NBA. He travels with the player to New York, and intervenes in the confrontation with Jackson Ellis. He continues to stand by and support the player as they try to make it in the league.

Although loyal and competent, the Childhood Friend is not the most experienced or talented player agent in the league. Once the player begins to find success, they will be approached by another agent, whose services they can employ instead of their friend's.