Coach Beluba

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Coach Beluba
Coach Beluba at practice.
Role Assistant Coach
Actor Mike Wang (Face)
Games NBA 2K18

NBA 2K19

Coach Beluba is a recurring minor character found in MyCAREER. He appears as one of the assistant coaches during team practices. Beluba stands at one end of the facility, while Coach OG stands at the other. Which end they each stand at varies from practice session to practice session.

Background & Biography[edit]

No matter which team you end up playing for in MyCAREER in NBA 2K18 and NBA 2K19, Coach Beluba will be one of the assistant coaches that you encounter during team practice sessions. Upon selecting a Badge to work on, he'll set up a drill and oversee your performance. He will even actively participate in the contested shooting drills in NBA 2K19. If you approach him outside of running a drill, he'll help you to stretch.

Coach Beluba uses the face of NBA 2K developer Mike Wang, however the real Beluba doesn't voice him.


  • As with Coach OG, because of his proximity to the entrance of the practice facility when he spawns there, larger MyPLAYERs can end up standing right next to him after exiting the entrance cutscene. This results in the stretching interaction/scene being triggered immediately.
  • He has no name listed in-game. Coach Beluba is simply one that we're giving him because of who he's based on.