Coach Brubaker

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Coach Brubaker
Coach Brubaker.png
Coach Brubaker on the Denver Nuggets
Full Name Brubaker Smith
Role NBA Assistant Coach
Family/Friends Pres
Justice Young
Denver Levins
Xavier Cross
Actor Johnno Wilson
Games NBA 2K17

Brubaker Smith (commonly referred to as Coach Brubaker) is a character in NBA 2K17's MyCAREER mode, and is also the generic assistant coach that appears on the sideline during other modes. Along with trainer Xavier Cross, he is the staff member that Pres interacts with the most.

Background & Biography[edit]

Brubaker Smith is the lead assistant coach on the team that drafts Pres. He is the staff member who welcomes Pres to the team and provides him with a tour of the facilities, where he introduces him to trainer Xavier Cross. He will contact Pres to praise him on his hard work, or scold him for missing practices. He is dedicated to his job, and admires players who put in extra time to work on their game.

During gameplay, Coach Brubaker appears during timeouts and halftime, where he comments on the team's performance and discusses strategy. He also runs the scheduled team practice sessions, where he can be approached during the free shootaround in order to work on dribbling moves.

Brubaker seems to like the "Orange Juice" nickname, and will reference it during timeouts when Pres and Justice Young are playing well, encouraging them to "keep squeezing that Orange Juice".

Outside MyCAREER[edit]

Coach Brubaker will also appear in the timeout cutscenes that occur when playing other modes, fulfilling the role of a generic assistant coach for every team. His role is much the same as it is during gameplay in MyCAREER, as he discusses strategy and offers advice to the players (and by extension, the user).


  • Occasionally, Coach Brubaker will react very excitedly to dunks during team practices, encouraging Pres to throw down another slam and cheering when he does.
  • If you choose to change teams after your first year, he will follow you to your new team.