Coach Falls

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Coach Falls
Coach Falls.png
Full Name Washington Falls
Role High School Coach
Family/Friends Pres
Actor Demetrius Grosse
Games NBA 2K17

Washington Falls (commonly referred to as Coach Falls) is a character in NBA 2K17's MyCAREER mode. He is Pres' high school coach.

Background & Biography[edit]

Washington Falls is the head coach at Lower Valley High School, where he coached Pres. He is portrayed as a firm but reasonable authority figure, loved and respected by his players. He continues to support Pres through his college career and into the pros, sending messages of support. A stickler for the fundamentals, Falls isn't shy about chiding Pres for making flashy passes or neglecting the basics.

Late in the season, Coach Falls appears in person to deliver a gift to Pres. It turns out to be a photograph of Falls with Pres as a young child, taken by Pres' father who also wrote a congratulatory message to the newly appointed coach. It's implied that Falls and Pres' father had a long and close friendship, before the latter passed away.