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Example of a Codebase Error
Codebase Errors are error messages that are displayed when the game crashes due to problems in the DBF files. They most commonly occur when a DBF file has become corrupted, has missing or invalid values or data columns, or is saved in an incorrect format using Microsoft Excel.

Avoiding Codebase Errors[edit]

Because Microsoft Excel's default file format is not .dbf, it is very easy to corrupt the DBF files when making changes using Excel. It is preferable to use DB Commander as it automatically saves changes in the correct file format and will not allow invalid values to be entered. Backups should also be made before attempting any DBF editing in the event files are damaged and data is lost, especially when working with saved Dynasty, Season and Playoffs games.

Take special care when editing values in the database and as a rule, do not delete any columns or rows of data unless you know what you are doing (in most cases, deleting rows and columns is definitely not advised).

Resolving Codebase Errors[edit]

In some cases you may be able to resolve codebase errors by deleting all the files stored in the workingdb and currentdb folders. These are located in the database folder which is located in the respective NBA Live folder under your Documents (the same folder where the saves folder is located).

If the problem is the result of an invalid value after editing the database, you will need to track it down and resolve the problem. If you are using a roster patch, you may want to report the issue to the author. You can also try copying the contents of the roster save folder (except for the save.dat file) to the currentdb and workingdb folders.

Once a file has become corrupted you must unfortunately start over with a fresh file. Corrupted DBF files can usually still be accessed using DB Commander or Microsoft Excel, thus their data can still be used as a reference or copied over when working with a new file.

NBA Live 2005 Rosters[edit]

Occasionally, codebase errors may occur when loading an NBA Live 2005 Dynasty game that has been started with a custom roster. This issue can usually be resolved by re-loading the custom roster before loading the Dynasty save.