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The comeback code (also known as comeback logic) is an element of NBA Live's AI that allows the CPU to remain competitive by giving it the opportunity to make a comeback when it is trailing. The use of the word "code" refers to the game's coding/artificial intelligence; it is not a cheat code that can be entered.

Comeback Code & CPU Assistance[edit]

The comeback code differs from CPU Assistance in that it only benefits the CPU team whereas CPU Assistance will provide a boost for whichever team is trailing in Human vs CPU and Human vs Human games. Unlike CPU Assistance, the comeback code cannot be disabled.

Practical Use[edit]

The inclusion of comeback logic in the game's AI has allowed recent instalments in the NBA Live series to offer a greater challenge as the CPU will actively attempt to make a comeback even if they fall behind by double digits early on. This ensures that players must maintain their effort until the game is out of reach else they risk allowing the CPU controlled team to get back into the game, just as in real life.


While the addition of comeback logic has been successful in providing a greater challenge for players it has also been a source of frustration. The main criticism of the comeback code is that it is usually too powerful, frequently allowing the CPU to mount successful comebacks against comfortable leads in a short period of time. During these stretches the CPU's players seem to gain superhuman abilities while the user's players suddenly begin to perform poorly. This approach is widely disliked as most users feel the challenge is coming from an unfair advantage rather than intelligent play on the part of the CPU. It is also seen as being unrealistic since it often results in higher scores and unlikely player statistics. As a result, many NBA Live players view the comeback logic as an important feature, albeit one that is flawed.