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*[[Preview Season]]
*[http://www.nba-live.com/nbaelite11/communityday/ NBA Elite 11 Community Event Coverage]
*[http://www.nba-live.com/nbaelite11/communityday/ NBA Elite 11 Community Event Coverage]
*[http://www.nba-live.com/nbalive09/communityday/ NBA Live 09 Community Event Coverage]
*[http://www.nba-live.com/nbalive09/communityday/ NBA Live 09 Community Event Coverage]

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EA Sports' Studios in Burnaby

Community Days (also known as Community Events, Summits or Conferences) are events held by video game developers such as EA Sports and 2K Sports. Community and video game sites such as the NLSC are invited to take part in the events, with the representatives being flown in and given a chance to road test an early build of the game, as well as interview the producers and view presentations about the game's new features. Away from the studios, the events are somewhat of a social occasion and often include other activities such as a studio tour, or in the case of the NBA Live 08 event, attending the 2007 NBA Draft.

EA holds Community Events for several of their titles, with the first NBA Live Community Event being held in 2004. The NLSC has had a presence at several events with community member and longtime contributor Shane Hefty representing the site at the first event, and current webmaster Andrew Begley attending events in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2015. Pdub represented the NLSC at the community event for the ultimately cancelled NBA Elite 11. Events usually run for at least a couple of days, with the first night giving representatives a chance to meet and the second day consisting of the presentations and hands-on time with the game.

NBA Live Community Days[edit]

The following games in the NBA Live series have been previewed at a Community Day during their production (the year and location follow in parentheses):

NLSC Representatives[edit]

The following individuals have represented the NLSC at community events for NBA Live.

  • 2004: Shane Hefty
  • 2006: Andrew Begley
  • 2007: Andrew Begley
  • 2008: Andrew Begley
  • 2010: Pdub
  • 2015: Andrew Begley

NBA Live Advisory Council[edit]

On February 27th 2012, EA Sports announced the NBA Live Advisory Council initiative. Fans were invited to submit their applications to be a part of the council, which would allow them an opportunity to meet with the NBA Live Development Team to provide feedback and suggestions for NBA Live 13. On March 28th, Shawn Drotar, Mario Drake, Scott O'Gallagher, Corey Andress, Jordan Simmons, Harold Biscocho, Steve Bascombe and Dougie Veney were announced as the eight inaugural council members. The Council's first visit to EA Tiburon took place from April 10th-13th, 2012. Scott O'Gallagher would later join the NBA Live Development Team, before moving on to Visual Concepts to work on NBA 2K.