Converting a Season into a Dynasty

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This tutorial is intended to help you convert a Season save into a Dynasty save and contains information originally posted by ct_812312 in the NLSC Forum.


This tutorial applies to the following games:

The Guide

  1. Load the season
  2. Exit back to the NBA Live screen (make sure you have EA's Official Patch)
  3. Start a new dynasty
  4. Sim up to the game that you left off on in your season (If you mess up, teams will play more than 82 games).
  5. Save and exit the game.
  6. Open the folder "My Documents/NBA Live 2005/Saves/(Name of the Season)
  7. Copy all of the files in the folder, with the exception of the 3 .dat files (settings.dat, saves.dat, season.dat)
  8. Go to the folder "My Documents/NBA Live 2005/Saves/(Name of the Dynasty)
  9. Paste the files into the Dynasty folder
  10. Load the game and enjoy!