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"Courtside Comedy" is a term commonly used to describe the cutscenes in NBA Live 2003, stemming from the approach of using more humour than in the cutscenes of previous NBA Live titles. The approach was largely unpopular with a lot of fans who expressed a preference for a more serious atmosphere with less silliness and as such, the term is most often used pejoratively.

Although strongly criticised upon NBA Live 2003's release, the courtside comedy cutscenes are sometimes fondly remembered for their unintentional humour which came mostly from inappropriate "casting". Because the featured players were selected by the same positions in the lineup each time, the lineups for some teams would produce amusing results. Common examples include Brendan Haywood chewing out Michael Jordan for being distracted during a timeout and benchwarming centres stopping to sign autographs at halftime, having been in the lineup when the quarter ended.

The term shares its name with an NBA Home Video produced in 1996, which focused on the lighter side of the NBA with bloopers, interview outtakes and other humourous moments on the court and behind the scenes.