Creating a new SPEECHID for NBA Live 06

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This tutorial was originally posted by Buckley in the NLSC Forum.


This tutorial applies to the following games:

The Guide

For this tutorial, you will need the following things:

For this tutorial, I will use Devin Green as an example.

  1. Open up DB Commander. Go under the category NAME and search for Green. You should find Willie Green. Remember his PLAYER ID (1162).
  2. Now you need to find the first name. Go under FNAME and search for Devin. One of the names you will find is Devin Harris. Remember his PLAYER ID too (1217).
  3. Launch Audy 06 and search for xarplhdr.idx, which is located under Program Files\EA SPORTS\NBA LIVE 06\audio\speech\arena. Click on it.
  4. Scroll down until you reach the file name 1162. There should be 3 files on the right of your screen. Click extract for each one. Save them as wgreen2.wav, wgreen1.wav, and wgreen0.wav.
  5. Scroll down to 1217 and there should be 2 files on the right of your screen. Click extract for each one. Save them as dharris1.wav and dharris0.wav.
  6. What about dharris2.wav? Well, it appears that there is no dharris.wav. So, go back to DB Commander and search FNAME for Devin, or something similar to it (like Devon or Devean)
  7. Go under first name and search for Devean. Devean George should appear (530)
  8. Scroll up until you find 530, and extract the first file that you see on the right. Save this as dgeorge2.wav. (Note: If u want to make it easier, ignore Devin Harris's speech id and use Devean George for each of the 3 files. I am using this, however, to show the complexity of making a Speech ID file)
  9. Open Windows Sound Recorder. Click open and search for wgreen2.wav.
  10. Click play and listen as the announcer says his name.
  11. Try and find the spot where the announcer just finished saying Willie. Scroll the tab bar to that desired spot.
  12. Go to Edit and click on delete before current position. Play the file again. The announcer should only say Green.
  13. If you deleted less then what you needed (meaning the announcer says part of Willie), delete the section off where he says partof the name Willie. It should not be a long part of the sound.
  14. If you deleted more then what you needed (meaning some of the name Green was cut off), you must start over. Open wgreen2.wav again. Do NOT save the file.
  15. After you finally have the announcer saying just Green, save the file as dgreen2a.wav
  16. Repeat steps 10-15 for the other two Willie Green files, saving them as dgreen1a.wav, and dgreen0a.wav.
  17. Do the same thing for the dharris and dgeorge files, but click on delete after current position, rather then before, and make them dgreen2b.wav, and so on....
  18. Re-open dgreen2a.wav, and scroll to the end of the sound.
  19. Click edit and click mix with file.
  20. Search for dgreen2b.wav
  21. Click Play. The announcer should say "Devin Green"
  22. Save this as dgreen2.wav
  23. Repeat steps 19-22, using 1 and 0 in place of where the 2 would be.
  24. Go back to Audy 06, and make a new speech file
  25. Add in each of the speech files
  26. Make PBP type same as number at end of the .wav file (e.g. johndoe0.wav pbp type is 0)
  27. Speech ID is 2062
  28. Save the file as 2062.dat
  29. Click import and open 2062.hdr
  30. Go back to DB Commander and search for Devin Green in the search engine
  31. Scroll all the way to the right, and change SPEECH ID to 2062
  32. Launch NBA LIVE 06
  33. Load your roster to which you made the changes to
  34. Score with Devin Green and hear the announcer say his name

When you become better at this, you can get ready to move on to making speech files for players who do not have a first name or last name of an NBA player (such as James Singleton). In these situations, you will have to use several speech ID's to make up Singleton's speech file.

Enjoy, and start patching!