Creating custom jersey numbers for NBA Live 06

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This tutorial was originally posted by Cable in the NLSC Forums.


This tutorial applies to the following games:

The Guide

First off, you'll need FSHLine for this tutorial so start by downloading that.

  1. Find numbers to use as a base
  2. Export the xxxxyyyy_num.fsh
  3. Copy FSH Line/other file to the same folder as the xxxxyyyy_num.fsh
  4. Drag the xxxxyyyy_num.fsh into FSH Line; it should create a new folder inside the existing folder with the name xxxxyyyy
  5. Inside the xxxxyyyy folder are an Index.fsh, .dds, and .png numbers; edit the .png numbers to the new numbers with Photoshop. Make sure the numbers are not touching the borders of the .png, it will cause funny lines on the jersey.
  6. Once all 18 are edited (you don't need to do the '10' ones), backup the xxxxyyyy folder to use in case the new numbers are erased
  7. Copy FSH Line/other file to the xxxxyyyy folder
  8. Drag the Index.fsh into FSH Line (both done within the xxxxyyyy folder)
  9. It should end up with the xxxxyyyy_num.fsh that you originally used having the custom numbers
    :Note: The xxxxyyyy_num.fsh should not be moved after you originally drag it into Fshline, it should still be in the exterior folder

A tip

If you wish to have invisible numbers on either the front or the back, I suggest you use the Jersey Raptor and put a 0 in all the boxes for either the front or the back, depending on which you want to make invisible. This will get rid of the numbers without overwriting them.