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This tutorial was originally posted by Cable in the NLSC Forum.


This tutorial applies to the following games:

The Guide

Seeing as so many guys are asking how to make a portrait, I thought I'd write a tutorial.

  • The first thing you need to do is create the picture you want to use for your portrait. Once you have one, cut it out and copy it onto a 128x128 image. You should have it like this; some of the bottom will be cut off, so pretty much only the head is showing in-game. Make sure to save it as a .png file to keep the transparency.

Charlie.png Graham.png

  • After you have that, you need to open the file fe\plyrprts.viv and extract one of the files, it doesn't matter which, it should be a file called plyrprts~SHONEAL.big (or whatever the name of the player is). Open that file and extract the four files found inside. You should extract all the files to a folder you've created, it makes it a lot easier if they're all in the same place, including the image you want to use.
  • Now you need to rename the files. The name you choose is a seven letter code, ex. SHONEAL. That code must be the same code as the one you used for you cyberface. There should be four files, a .fsh, .ebo, .apt and .const, DO NOT EDIT THE .APT OR .CONST FILE EXCEPT TO CHANGE THE NAME.

  • You need to open the .fsh file using a .fsh editor, and import the image you want for your portrait. You will also need to open the .ebo file using a Hex Editor, get one here. In the .ebo go to the bottom and find the line ..shoneal1.. (or whatever the code is instead of 'shoneal'). Change the 'shoneal' to, you guessed it, your seven letter code, same as the cyberface and what you named the portrait files.

  • Open the plyrprts~SHONEAL.big (or whatever it's called) file once again and import the four files; the .fsh, .ebo, .apt and the .const; Rebuild them and close the .big file. You have now finished creating a portrait file for your player.

  • The last step is to put the .big file in the sgsm folder. Remember, you also need a cyberface in order for your portrait to work, and you will need to do the correct .dbf editing as well.

I've found that sometimes the portrait doesn't work but the cyberface will show up, or the portrait will be cut-off. If this happens, simply redo the entire custom-portrait process using a different players .big file as a base, it should work then.