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Cutscenes (alternatively written as cut scenes or cut-scenes) in the NBA Live series do not differ greatly from other video games, referring to sequences in which the user has little or no control. Cutscenes in NBA Live consist mainly of starting lineup introductions (and other pre-game sequences), instant replays, post-game celebrations and selected on-court close-ups to better reflect TV presentation.

NBA Live 2003 Controversy[edit]

NBA Live 2003 featured perhaps the most notorious cutscenes in the history of the NBA Live series, sequences that are often referred to by longtime fans as "Courtside Comedy" for their attempts to be more humourous. While some fans enjoyed the more lighthearted approach, most fans felt they detracted from the atmosphere and strongly opposed their inclusion in future games. No game since NBA Live 2003 has featured the same approach to cutscenes.

Dynasty Cutscenes[edit]

NBA Live 2004 introduced the concept of Dynasty Cutscenes, which could be viewed during various events in the newly rebranded Dynasty Mode. These included:

  • When a trade involving a star player is made, the newly acquired player is seen in a suit walking into the lockerroom and being greeted by two of the top players on the team.
  • When a player retires, he is shown leaving the lockerroom in a suit while one of the team's stars farewells him.
  • When a player is signed/re-signed, he is shown talking with the team's coach in an office before they shake hands.
  • When a Dynasty Extra is purchased, the coach is shown in his office signing a cheque.
  • When a player wins an award or the coach is named Coach of the Year, a scene at a press conference is shown where David Stern presents them with their respective trophy.
  • When a player is selected during the NBA Draft, they are shown walking up to the stage to shake David Stern's hand.
  • When training time is assigned, some sequences in the practice court are shown with players running through drills as a generic voice calls out instructions.
  • David Stern presents the team with the Larry O'Brien trophy in the championship clinching game.

Dynasty Cutscenes are currently exclusive to NBA Live 2004, but have proven to be popular with fans and as of 2019 they remain a staple of the Wishlist.