DBF Colour Chart

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The following is chart of colour codes used in NBA Live's DBF files.

Colour Codes[edit]

These values are used by the *COL fields to determine accessory colours. Thanks to JEN for mapping these common values.

Value Colour
0 Auto Colour
15384126 Yellow
12235336 Gold
14521629 Gold-Leaf
1644825 Black
14343898 White
1843576 Light Purple
3351921 Purple
12738865 Orange
11952462 Light Orange
10302259 Red
9452090 Light Red
2895689 Navy Blue
2701646 Navy Blue (Pacers)
2960735 Blue
2836335 Blue (Wizards)
5670075 University Blue
4879274 Light Blue
3623805 Royal Blue
4413324 Light Royal Blue
6053984 Grey
7829372 Light Grey
1991736 Green
3366458 Light Green
689389 Teal

Custom Values[edit]

nbaliveturkey has provided an easy method of editing the values in the *COL fields:

  1. Find the color that you wish to use with an image editor. (Hex Format)

    White = FFFFFF
    Black = 000000
    Yellow = FFFF00 etc.

  2. Open Calculator. Press F5. Enter the colour in Hex Format (eg FFFFFF). Then press F6. You can now input this value into the appropriate *COL field.