DBF Editing Tips

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The following guide is intended to provide you with a few handy hints when working with NBA Live's DBF files for experienced and novice patchmakers alike.

  1. Always make a backup before making any changes to a DBF file. Continue to make backups as you make progress on a project.
  2. Always use software specifically designed for DBF files, such as DB Commander. Programs such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel can corrupt databases if the files are saved incorrectly resulting in Codebase Errors.
  3. Only modify data through DBF editing when it is absolutely necessary. Whenever possible, update player ratings and attributes from within the game.
  4. Database software that allows you to open two files side by side (such as DB Commander) is extremely useful whenever you need to make updates that require you to refer to values stored in a seperate database, such as player nicknames and places of birth.
  5. When working with players.dbf, be wary of multiple entries. Players who also appear on All-Star teams and in the Legends pool will have more than one entry, so make sure you're editing the correct entry (or if necessary, update each entry for the player).
  6. If in doubt about, do not make any changes (and if you want to experiment, make sure you have a backup!). Consult one of the DBF Editing Guides on the NLSC or ask for advice in our Forum.