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DOLFFIN (Dot Org Loader For Files In NBA Live) is a patching utility for the NBA Live series, developed by Don Daily of NBA2KStuff. It can extract Electronic Arts graphic archive objects including VIV, BIG, FSH and other formats used in the various game API engines.


  • Supports all Windows platforms, 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
  • Convert FSH files to PNG, DDS or TIFF files on the fly. Other graphics formats are supported like photoshop (.PSD) and bitmap (.BMP). Supports all EAGL (Electronic Art's graphic library) protocol (even new 06 formats). GO
  • Batch extract FSH files from archive objects. GO
  • Supports drag and drop files. GO
  • Supports Graphix Script Language (GSL). GO
  • Extract various information (title, type, length, x-pixels, y-pixels, number of MipMaps, created date, bitmap size, version etc.) from FSH files. GO
  • Supports command line operation for manual use or inclusion in scripts (not yet activated).
  • Fully independent; not dependent on any third party technology.