Denver Levins

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Denver Levins
Denver levins press conference.png
Denver at a press conference.
Full Name Denver Levins
Role Teammate
Age 24
Height 6'2"
Weight 185 lbs
College Washington State
Position Point Guard
Number 1 (If Available)
Family/Friends Pres
Justice Young
Coach Brubaker
Xavier Cross
Actor Jak Knight
Games NBA 2K17

Denver Levins is a character in NBA 2K17's MyCAREER mode. He is a journeyman guard who has spent time in Europe, and is trying to make it in the NBA.

Background & Biography[edit]

Originally from Seattle, Denver Levins is a journeyman guard who has played overseas, and is trying to make it in the NBA. He ends up on the same team as Pres and Justice Young, and quickly befriends them. A lighthearted personality, he gains a reputation for being well-liked in the locker room. Levins' alma mater is Washington State.

NBA Career[edit]

Joining the same team as Orange Juice, Levins isn't as successful as his rookie teammates. He struggles to find consistent playing time, and is ultimately waived in December. However, Pres has an opportunity to speak up for him, and get him re-signed later in the season.

Late in the season, Denver announces that his girlfriend is pregnant, strengthening his resolve to make it in the NBA.

Denver does not appear to sign on with an NBA team after the first season in MyCAREER, though he will still contact Pres and come to the user's MyCOURT to shoot around.


  • If the user doesn't perform particularly well in college, they'll generally end up being a mid-first round pick. This can result in them being drafted by the Denver Nuggets, which in turn humorously results in the Nuggets having a player named "Denver".
  • Denver's first choice of jersey number seems to be #1; if another player wears it or if it's retired, he'll choose the next available number.