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Direct Passing
Direct Pass is a passing method first implemented in NBA Live 98, which gives the user the ability to nominate the intended recipient of a pass. Previously, users could in a limited way control the direction of a pass and the likely recipient by holding the joystick or appropriate direction key towards a temmate. While this method can still be utilised, Direct Pass has become the more popular option due to its precision. The same gameplay mechanic can be found in the NBA 2K series, though it is given the name Icon Passing. The name Icon Passing is also sometimes used in reference to NBA Live's controls as well.

The Direct Pass function was also once used to force players to walk rather than jog or run and was often used by players to slow the pace of the game. With the sensitivity of joysticks now being utilised, Direct Pass no longer offers this function.

Using Direct Pass[edit]

Direct Pass control is initiated by using the Direct Pass button. In most editions of NBA Live this button must be held down, however in the PC versions of NBA Live 2003, NBA Live 07 and NBA Live 08, pressing the Direct Pass button once toggles Direct Pass on and off. When activated, icons appear above the heads of the ballhandlers teammates. Pressing the corresponding button or key will initiate a pass to the desired player.

Direct Switch[edit]

The equivalent feature when the user's team is on defense is called Direct Switch. Using the same method as Direct Pass, it is used to immediately switch control to another defensive player.

Direct Switching