Disney Sports Basketball

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Disney Sports Basketball
Disney Sports Basketball cover.
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Konami
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube
Release date(s) North America
November 23rd, 2002 (GBA)
January 13, 2003 (GC)
December 19th, 2002
August 8th, 2003

Disney Sports Basketball is a 2002 sports video game released by Konami, featuring Disney characters.


  • The Superstars (Mickey Mouse)
  • The Charmers (Minnie Mouse)
  • The Seaducks (Donald Duck)
  • The Belles (Daisy Duck)
  • The Spacenuts (Goofy)
  • The TinyRockets (Huey, Dewey, and Louie & José Carioca)
  • The Shifters (Max Goof)
  • The Steamrollers (Pete)
  • The Imperials (Mortimer Mouse)


The Nintendo Gamecube version of the game received very negative reviews such as GameSpot giving the game a 2.6 out of 10.0 and saying, "Disney Sports Basketball has no redeeming qualities, and it should be avoided by basketball fans and Disney fans alike."