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Doin' Work Meter

Doin' Work is a mechanic introduced in NBA 2K17's MyCAREER mode. It essentially functions as an experience meter, and is filled while participating in team practices, optional extra practice sessions, and while shooting around in MyCOURT. As the name suggests, it is intended to represent a player putting in hard work to develop and improve their skills, and is the method by which users earn attribute upgrades.


In NBA 2K17, MyPLAYERs begin with an Overall Rating of 55. Attribute upgrades are purchased using Virtual Currency, however the initial number of available attribute upgrades caps players at 88 Overall. This means that users cannot immediately max out their abilities through microtransactions, and instead must put in work if they want to further improve their abilities.

By filling up the Doin' Work meter, users are able to unlock further attribute upgrades. At the conclusion of each team or optional training session, the Doin' Work meter is applied to an overall progress meter; once the latter is filled, a new attribute upgrade is earned, and can be purchased using VC. The Doin' Work meter in MyCOURT is applied upon beginning the next game on the schedule, and can only be filled once in between games. This prevents the exploitation of the upgrade system, as users cannot constantly exit and re-enter MyCAREER to repeatedly fill up the Doin' Work meter without playing any games on the schedule. Filling up the Doin' Work meter on MyCOURT also contributes a smaller boost to the overall progress meter than filling up the meter in training sessions.

Filling the Doin' Work Meter[edit]

The Doin' Work meter is filled by hitting shots during a free shootaround, or by completing on-court drills and gym exercises. Drills and exercise raise the meter more quickly than shooting around, with better performances providing bigger boosts. Completing drills will also periodically boost ratings that cannot be raised through purchasable upgrades.

In a free shootaround, the meter can be raised more quickly by attempting shots outside the paint. Green releases also raise the meter quicker. If the Doin' Work meter isn't completely full, the blue progress bar will be illuminated. This effect disappears once the bar is maxed out, and no further boosts can be earned from the current session.


In NBA 2K17, players can reach a maximum Overall Rating of 95 through Doin' Work. Additional attribute upgrades are earned by raising MyPARK reputation.