Dom Pagnotti

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Dom Pagnotti
Dom Pagnotti.png
Dom Pagnotti in his element.
Role Player Agent
Family/Friends Freq
Mrs. Martha
Mr. Pete
Yvette Ming Ching
Actor Al Palagonia
Games NBA 2K16

Dom Pagnotti is a character in NBA 2K16's MyCAREER mode. He is Freq's agent.

Background & Biography[edit]

Dom Pagnotti is considered one of the top player agents in the NBA. He becomes Freq's agent, and is the one to encourage him to go pro after one year in college, advising him that he can always return to complete his degree later. He is extremely self-confident and energetic, often referring to himself in the third person. A throwaway line in the "Think Long, Think Wrong" scene implies that he's at times had a contentious relationship with the Team Owner.

Livin' Da Dream[edit]

Dom Pagnotti becomes Freq's agent as he is considering whether or not to go pro after his freshman season in college. Freq ultimately takes his advice and declares for the Draft. He works with Cee-Cee in handling Freq's business affairs, and is always looking to make money for his client.

While he initially stands up for Freq when the Team Owner delivers an ultimatum regarding Vic, he later relents and advises Freq to think carefully when it becomes apparent that his future is in jeopardy. He is also present when Freq learns of Vic's passing in a fatal car accident.

Following the conclusion of "Livin' Da Dream", Dom Pagnotti remains an active personality in MyCAREER (albeit with no further cutscenes), seeking out endorsement opportunities for Freq and continuing to act as his agent.


  • The character of Dom Pagnotti originated in Spike Lee's film He Got Game, in which he was also played by Al Palagonia.