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The Draft Pool (also referred to as the Rookie Pool or simply the Rookies) is a special hidden team in the NBA Live series, introduced with the addition of Franchise Mode and generated rookies in NBA Live 2000. It has traditionally been designated with a Team ID number of 39 and is used to house generated rookies until they are selected by a user or CPU controlled team, or are placed in the Free Agent Pool upon going undrafted.

From NBA Live 2000 through NBA Live 06, there were no players in the Draft Pool by default. However, with the added ability to re-stage the Draft upon beginning a new Dynasty game in NBA Live 07, the Pool contains a number of fictional rookies since the roster cutoff date and issues with likeness rights do not facilitate the inclusion of all sixty draftees in the default rosters. It is also possible to add new rookies or edit existing rookies in the Draft Pool through DBF editing.